Status of Cinnamon Open Source client libraries

Active or static libraries

Library Status Description
CDCplus Active Client starter application
CDCplusLib Active Open Source client GUI components.
ChildSelector Active Command-line program to be called from editors to expose Cinnamon functionality like child selection (and potentially others).
CinnamonAEResources Active Components to be used in CinnamonAsynchronousEngine.
CinnamonAsynchronousEngine Active Asynchronous, highly configurable and customizable framework to run code on the server that does things (not easy to be more specific). Used for publication, thumbnail generation, data extraction, translation management and more.
ContentAwareness Active Implementation of link management in XML and other modular formats.
Ginger Active Open Source object model implementation of Cinnamon data model. Based on VisualBasic and in some fields a bit bloated, but widely used. Should be replaced with something lighter based on C# so it can run on Mono / Linux.
NativeApiServerConnector Active Standard communication layer with API interface.
Praties Semi-Active Open Source client GUI and Business Logic components (like controls, context functions etc.). It is maintained as a major part of the Desktop Client, but will be gradually replaced with CDCplusLib, based on C# instead of VisualBasic.
Xylopia Static Still used in client, but should be replaced by something else (preferrably, an existing Open Source library we can integrate for simple XML editing).

Obsolete libraries

NOTE: These libraries were moved to a folder named _legacy.

Library Status Description
CinnamonDesktopClient Obsolete Legacy implementation of what CDCplus does now.
ClientCustomizationTemplate Obsolete Was meant as a template for building custom libraries - but is totally irrelevant.
CmnContent Obsolete Legacy content intelligence implementation, no longer used or supported. Use ContentAwareness instead.
CmnContentAdobeFrameMaker Obsolete Based on CmnContent, no longer used or supported.
CmnContentMsOffice Obsolete Based on CmnContent, no longer used or supported.
CmnContentOpenDocument Obsolete Based on CmnContent, no longer used or supported.
CmnInterfaces Obsolete Some outdated interfaces - not used anywhere.
CmnVisualizers Obsolete Not quite sure what this was supposed to be.
Kurkuma Obsolete Legacy implementation of what NativeApiServerConnector does now.
Scheduler Obsolete Legacy scheduler that was written in VisualBasic and didn't run on Mono. No longer used or supported. Use CinnamonAsynchronousEngine instead.
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