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Efficiently manage all your product, plant or service documentation.
Or anything else, like accounting documents, letters, music collections, photos, cooking recipes, ...
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Our vision

Invest into individualisation, not into platform.

Cinnamon is a system that can manage, version, protect and provide content, and is therefore a Content Management System, or CMS.

There are many types of CMS. A Web CMS managing a website is a known example. Cinnamon is another type of CMS designed for managing any type of content, and has therefore a broad range of applications.

Authoring, management and publication of structured DITA Technical Documentation is one example. Using Cinnamon as a Document Management System another.

Systems with a functionality like Cinnamon are known by different names. We prefer calling Cinnamon an Enterprise CMS or ECMS. There are commercial ECMS around that are typically quite expensive to buy and own. In the field of Technical Documentation systems, Cinnamon competes with CCMS, yet another CMS category that is not cheaper than ECMS either. Therefore, for many companies, the decision will not be, buying a commercial system or using an Open Source system, but rather using an open ECMS or none at all.

We believe that platform technology like an ECMS should be accessible to every company, from world-spanning enterprises to one-person-businesses, and also to people wishing to efficiently manage their private content – cooking recipies, music collections, photos and any other data one might think of.

Therefore, we bring Cinnamon to you. There are many parameters influencing the decision whether or not to use an ECMS. Now there is one parameter less: unaffordable license fees.

Get better results faster

Integrate with workflow automation

Manage all your content the flexible way

Break the chains with an open system


Select the Cinnamon resources you need. The current version is 3.7.0.

Cinnamon Server VM

Cinnamon server VM, ready to run in VMWare and adaptable to other virtualization solutions.


Cinnamon Portable

Everything you need to test Cinnamon in one easily deployable package.


Cinnamon Client

Use the .net based client to connect to the server, or use the libraries for your own software.


Server source

Browse the source code and contribute to Cinnamon server development (at GitHub).


Client source

Browse the source code and contribute to Cinnamon client development (at Sourceforge).


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